As I mentioned in the disclaimer, I tend to use a lot of "slang"as my girlfriend Nozomu says, God bless her sweet gentle Japanese soul. Since it's sometimes easier to abbreviate my cursing when I blog, I do; plus there's all those "everyone with a cell phone" acronyms that I can't seem to NOT use.

However, for those of you who don't text or swear like a fucking sailor, here's your code breaking glossary, just in case you'd like to take it up sometime. Texting or swearing. For a new and fun extracurricular activity, I'd recommend either!

ps If you see something in a post that isn't here, please drop me a line @ Dear Lucy and I'll rectify my oversight stat. If you know ones I'm not currently using, do share. Nozomu and I are always up for adding to our four letter vocabulary.

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Wtf? – what the fuck?

Tf? – the fuck?

Fyi – for your information

Fm – Fuck me

Fml – fuck my life

Jfc – Jesus fucking Christ

Ttfl – thank the fucking Lord

Omfg – Oh, my fucking God

Btw – by the way

Oc – of course

Gf – girlfriend

Np – no problem

IRL - in real life

FWP - first world problems