Date with Lucy gives guidance and tips for women 40+ years old who are testing the tsunami like waters of online dating and want a friend in the lifeboat with them.

Warning: strong language, scenes of very little sex ( sadly ) and even less violence. If the f bomb offends you, you’re going to be offended. Often.

Note: All men’s names have been disguised to protect the innocent and not so innocent and any resemblance to anyone you know or, if any dudes are reading this, anyone you ARE is strictly on a need to know basis.

 Any guidance or online dating advice is based on personal experience and opinion and which I give for free but without guarantees of any kind. You can laugh with me and definitely at me; any learning will be incidental and often accidental, at least on my part.

So if you would like to be a voyeur on my frequently hilarious, regularly ridiculous and periodically heart breaking journey in which I’ve discovered very little about men and so much about myself come in, start at the beginning and for God’s sake: do as I SAY...